Negative pressure isolation room

2020-03-07 10:00:20 xinyuan Read

Technical data of negative pressure isolation room

The product is a kind of negative pressure isolation room. The product is a closed box body. The side wall of the box body is equipped with an inlet and outlet door, and the box body is equipped with a negative pressure purification and filtration system. The negative pressure isolation room makes the bacteria in the room not easy to run outside, improves the isolation effect of the isolation room, and thus improves the safety of the isolation room.

It has independent isolation effect and safety performance in medical infection, infection, severe surveillance, cell experimental research, severe isolation and other fields.

1. The negative pressure isolation room is divided into three areas: negative pressure buffer room, isolation ward and toilet. In the isolation room, there is a purification filter exhaust fan system to continuously extract air from the box body to keep the box body in a negative pressure state, so that the air with pathogenic bacteria in the isolation room is not easy to leak from the inlet and outlet doors to the outside, and the air passing through the air duct is discharged to the outside after being treated by the purification mechanism, and the purification filter mechanism can play a purification effect on the air, such a structure can In order to improve the isolation effect and safety of isolation room.

    2. The setting of the transfer window makes it possible to deliver things to the patients in the ward through the transfer window without opening the access door, so as to prevent cross contamination.

    3. Sewage discharge: the sewage in the isolation room needs to be collected in the septic tank, sterilized in the disinfection tank, and then discharged into the sewage pipeline.

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